Weddings in Bali: Why it is the Perfect Destination

The wonderful news is that you and your partner have decided to celebrate your love by getting married. Much excitement and congratulations from family and friends leads to the very next question: Where will you hold your wedding ceremony?

What’s the most romantic destination for a wedding? Well, there can only be one answer to that question and that’s beautiful Bali! In fact, the island of Gods has become a very popular wedding destination because world’s top celebrities have chosen to celebrate their weddings in Bali. Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, Taiwanese television starts Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Chinese actress Liu Shishi and Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, to name a few.

Bali truly is the dream wedding destination. With so many picturesque backdrops to choose from, perfect weather, and unbelievable beach surroundings, it would be difficult to find a more perfect location for your special day.

There’s no doubt that Bali is a trendy place to hold a wedding ceremony. You only have to do a Google search for ‘Wedding in Bali’ or ‘Bali Wedding Package’ to see the endless list of the search results. If you’re looking for inspiration and you’re still unsure about coming to Bali to celebrate your wedding, see below for our top reasons why Bali is the ideal place to celebrate the happiest day of your life.

What Better Place to Hold Your Pre-Wedding Rituals

No-one can deny that Bali is an exciting, fun, and relaxing place to stay, so why not consider holding your pre-wedding rituals in Bali? How wonderful to have everyone relaxed before the big day. Bali has a reputation as a tourist mecca, which means that there are endless ideas for making your bachelor and bachelorette parties exciting and unforgettable events. Let the fun start prior to your wedding day, so that when the big day arrives you and your partner will already be relaxed, happy, and ready to party.

beautiful wedding venues in Bali

Bali Has Many Experienced and Trusted Wedding Vendors

You can’t have a wedding without wedding vendors, and today in Bali there are so many wedding vendors it can be difficult to decide who to hire. Both locals and foreigners have established businesses in Bali to support the huge number of people choosing to be married on this beautiful island. Many of these vendors are experienced and very professional and they’ll be happy to cater to all your requests. For many of these vendors, destination weddings are their specialty, so you’ll be in very good hands.

Kamaya Bali is one of the best wedding venues in Bali you can have a look at. It is located on a cliff overlooking one of the world’s premier surf breaks at awe inspiring Uluwatu. It is one of only a few venues with a direct view of the sun setting directly into the ocean. During the golden sunset hour, the spot turns stunningly dreamy, a moment you will treasure for life.

Kamaya Bali’s solid team assists you on every side of your wedding, from the first day of the preparation until the very last day of your wedding celebration. The venue has established a big network of local suppliers, you just have to share your whish list, and they will make it happen. They ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.

Let’s Make it Simpler: A Wedding and Honeymoon on the Same Island

Many newly married couples discover that leaving for a honeymoon immediately after the wedding can be very stressful. Yes, flying or sailing away to a romantic destination sounds very exciting, but when the time actually comes it can take a lot out of an already-exhausted couple. The week prior to your wedding will be frantic with organising seating arrangements, finalising wedding outfits, flowers, food, entertainment, drinks, and so on. Not to mention the daunting guests management. The thought of going on a honeymoon sounds so relaxing that you simply can’t wait, but you will find out later that it only makes your to-do list longer.

Now think of the alternative! You wake up in beautiful Bali the morning after your wedding and you’re on your honeymoon! Oh, what bliss! There’s nothing you have to do except relax and enjoy each other’s company. Now, that’s a honeymoon!

weddings in Bali Uluwatu

A Familymoon Can be Fun Too

More and more we’re seeing newlyweds sharing their honeymoon with their family or closest friends. True, this will not be everyone’s idea of the ideal honeymoon, but if you’re excited to have your loved ones around you on your happiest moment, then there’s no better place than Bali to share your joy.

Many couples who choose Bali as their wedding destination invite their family and friends to stay with them for a few days. With so many amazing adventures to be experienced on this beautiful island, there can be no better way to start married life together. Visualize laughing and enjoying wonderful moments whilst sipping cocktails, enjoying magnificent dinners, riding elephants; perhaps even climbing a volcano together! Bali has become the No. 1 holiday destination for so many people around the globe, and today we’re seeing Bali as the No. 1 wedding and honeymoon destination. Whatever type of wedding or honeymoon you desire, it’s yours!

Imagine the Unbelievable Photography Opportunities in Bali!

The photography opportunities in Bali are simply too numerous to mention. There’s every tropical backdrop you could visualize, glorious beaches, beautiful villas, and simply stunning scenery everywhere you look. Being a tropical island, Bali has so many different landscapes that you can pretty-much take your pick. You ocean people, check out the remarkable beaches of Uluwatu , right by Kamaya Bali, as well as the surrounding areas of the Bukit. If you love greenery, then you’ll love some of the stunning venues in the luscious rainforests and rice paddies of Ubud and Tegalalang. But if it’s you’re more of a mountain person, you you can go up to Kintamani areas. As mentioned previously, Bali is really geared up for weddings and all different styles of honeymoon.

famous wedding venue Bali

Luxury Bali Weddings at Just a Fraction of the Cost

Bali is renowned worldwide as the perfect holiday destination, and one of the reasons this is true is because luxury in Bali comes at just a fraction of the cost. Yes, there will be the cost of flights to Bali, but if you’re coming from Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai and most Western countries, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much cheaper everything is. Of course, the cost of your wedding celebrations in Bali will depend entirely on your taste and expectations, but there’s always something for everybody.

Don’t stress yourself too much, it’s not going to be as hard as you think it would be. You may talk to us now and everything will be just fine.