Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Thinking of saying ‘I do’ in Bali, but don’t know where to begin?

It never is easy making decisions for the biggest day of your life, especially when it comes to planning a destination wedding in a country you aren’t entirely familiar with.We have put together a few points for you to think about and get the ball rolling. Happy planning!

Visualise Your Dream Wedding

(Pictured: Rustic White Florals at Kamaya Bali)

While you might not have the specifics set in stone early in the planning stage, it is always important to have a good grasp on what exactly it is you and your other half wish to have at your wedding.

Prepare a notebook, and do not be afraid to write down your vision of a dream wedding, no matter how grand or simple it may be. A fear of limitations can hinder you from understanding what you really want, and could result in a celebration that does not satisfy you and your partner, so free your mind and dream as wildly as you dare!

Mood-boards are also very useful in helping you visualise your ideal wedding – Pinterest contains millions of wedding day ideas, and you can sort and catalog them by categories (such as dresses, décor, florals, venues, and more) for easy reference and selection.

Once you have your idea of a perfect wedding nailed to a T, sort all items into the following three groups by descending order of priority: must-haves, good-to-haves, and nice-to-haves. A well-defined list of options and priorities at every decision point will come in extremely handy when your budget comes into the picture.

All in the Details

(Pictured: The Kamaya Blessing Wedding Pavilion at Kamaya Bali)

Further to visualising your perfect wedding, it is also crucial to take into consideration your wedding logistics and how they fit into the grander scheme of things alongside your budget and timeline.

Your guest list, for example, will determine many factors with regard to your budget and choices. How much notice do you need to give them? How many people do you wish to host? Are there any dietary restrictions to take into consideration, and will there be any children present?

In addition to basic hosting logistics, there are also destination-specific considerations when planning your big day that could truly add a sense of place to your celebration by way of catering options that include a full Balinese feast or live cooking stations featuring local delicacies, entertainment options such as Balinese dancers and fire eating performances, and even florals – your first choice of flowers might not be available in Bali due to differences in climate, so you might want to look into alternatives or seek a floral specialist who is able to import your desired blooms specially for your big day.

Alternatively, hosting your wedding somewhere with a full range of bridal services such as Kamaya Bali would guarantee minimal fuss when coordinating your big day, because it would reduce the number of vendors you would need to liaise with. Which brings us to…

Location, Location, Location

(Pictured: The Lotus Bale at Kamaya Bali)

While Bali is most certainly one of the world’s top wedding destinations, the Island of the Gods is vast, with a diverse range of wedding venues to choose from.

Be it a Balinese garden-themed wedding surrounded in lush greenery, a breezy beach wedding in Jimbaran, or an atmospheric clifftop wedding in Uluwatu at Kamaya Bali with a breathtaking view of vast Indian Ocean, Bali has it all with a side of gorgeous scenery to top it off.

Take a short holiday to Bali with your significant other if you can, and make appointments to visit all shortlisted venues in order to take in the ambience and feel the space for yourself to decide if you like it. (Also, there’s nothing like a quick Bali getaway to recharge one’s batteries and enjoy some bonding time!)

As mentioned above, having a good grasp on what your dream wedding looks like goes a long way towards helping you with your decisions – picking a location that checks off as many of the boxes on your wish list as possible is half the battle won!