Our Pavilions

Kamaya Pavilions

With so many reception & photographic opportunities available, Kamaya Bali offers panoramic vistas of the majestic Indian Ocean. Kamaya Blessing, an octagonal shaped space purpose built to hold a ceremony comfortably for couples of any denomination.

Kamaya Blessing can hold up to 75 guests & directly above is one of the dining options, the air conditioned Kamaya Peak dining can also comfortably be configured to seat 75 guests. For wedding receptions & or private events under the stars, Kamaya Lawn can seat up to 200 guests.

Kamaya Blessing

Seating up to 80 guests.

Either in air conditioned comfort or open air to the sea this is a nurturing chapel known as Kamaya Blessing. Kamaya’s uniquely shaped octagon chapel design is based upon the principle of the sacred mandala and this therefore is representative of infinity and eternity. In Sanskrit ‘Kama’ meaning ‘love’ and ‘maya’ meaning ‘an invisible blessing’ -this union of the emotions gives us Kamaya.

The walls and columns of Kamaya Blessing features handmade and fired terracotta tiles sourced from a small Balinese village called Pejaten. The beautiful dome lights designed by Bali based De Lighting formed from shells are also shaped and positioned according to the meridian lines and ethos of Balinese culture.

Our octagonal shaped Kamaya Blessing welcomes people from around the globe from all countries, denominations and beliefs.

Kamaya Peak

Seating up to 60 guests.

Just like our chapel, Kamaya Peak can either be enjoyed air conditioned or opened up to feel the power and aura of the surf crashing into the cliff below. Kamaya Peak can seat up to 75 people is dependent upon your individual seating requirements. The view from Kamaya Peak is simply breathtaking and allows you to capture some wonderful photographs.

Kamaya Peak again features beautiful hand made tiles from Bali and is illuminated with lighting from world renowned lighting designer, De Lighting to create that special reception ambience.

Kamaya Lawn

Seated capacity of up to 200 people

Set within lovely landscape created by Bali Landscape Company and shaded by two original acacia trees, Kamaya lawn is our largest reception and dining setting, allowing seated capacity of up to 200 people or standing for up to 150 guests.

Kamaya Bali can arrange your own individual design, set up your special bridal table underneath our rustic timber pergola for that perfect dining experience.

Lotus Bale

An unbelievable photo point

This gazebo is made from iron wood , recycled from an old barge from Benoa harbour and this is one of our most romantic positions, set floating above a lovely lotus pond and surely is one of the most dramatic intimate dining experiences available in Bali.

An unbelievable photo point, you will feel like you are suspended mid way between the sea and the sky right on the edge of the cliff.

Segara Dining Terrace

Can accommodate up to 25 Guests

We can accommodate up to 25 guests, this open air terrace provides a quiet, private and more casual outdoor dining experience and is immediately adjacent to the Lotus Bale and one of the premier photo points on the property, Segara View.

Welcome Terrace

Can comfortably cater for up to 50 people

This open air air terrace has a great vista and overlooks Kamaya Lawn so you could either use this areas as a standing or seated terrace for drinks or use as a dining possibility where it is possible to expand the capacity of dining of Kamaya Lawn. This terrace can comfortably cater for up to 50 people, standing or seated on the benches surrounding the terrace.

Segara view

The perfect photo spot looking out over the ocean

This is one our prime photo points at Kamaya. The couple are framed right on the cliff with the ocean as a perfect back drop. At evening times we have the sun setting into the beautiful Indian Ocean


The perfect place to relax & prepare.

Water Wedding

A unique experience

Venues Capacity – Fact Sheet

Venue Size
(Square Metres)
Theater Banquet Lounge Cocktail (Standing) U-Shape Boardroom Classroom
Kamaya Blessing 104.95㎡ 40 60 50 30 20 24
Kamaya Dining 108.09㎡ 40 60 50 30 20 24
Kamaya Lounge 75.60㎡ 10
Kamaya Lawn 225.19㎡ 200 120 150 150
Lotus Bale 11.47㎡ 2
Segara Terrace 25
Welcome Terrace 50