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Kamaya, the Expression of Love

Kamaya, the Expression of Love

The name : Kamaya. As legend has such strong foundation in Indonesia and especially in Bali, Kamaratih and Kamajaya are the female and male God figures and they were both assigned to guide and influence the love of Shiva and his wife, Parwati. This mythical union between Kamaratih and Kamajaya is expressed as love and Kamaya is our expression. So Kamaya is that expression of love and indeed ‘maya’ represents the invisible blessing of the place of Uluwatu, Bali.  This union is also physically manifested and represented on pool in front of the chapel with the two stone figures floating, Dalem Ped and Dalem Segara, these are respectively the God of Nusa Penida and the Queen of the Indian Ocean.


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Kamaya’s Octagonal Chapel Depicts Infinity

The place of Uluwatu, where Kamaya is situated, has physical and hidden power. The viewer sees the waves roll in relentlessly with power until they become nothing on the sand. This is a journey towards nothingness and lightness and perhaps could be considered a Buddhist concept. The octagonal shapes used repeatedly in Kamaya are representative of the sacred mandala and also of infinity and renewal. There are no corners in an eight sided structure; there is no where to fear, no where to hide.

Our chapel known as Kamaya Blessing is eight sided – there are no corners – and this is created deliberately as a welcoming space for all religions and not just a repeat of the Christian context of the traditional chapel. Inside the chapel under octagonal glass are blessed crystals together with the sand of Uluwatu to pass on this wish for all couples marrying at Kamaya.

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Kamaya is Built Wholeheartedly from Bali’s Essential Elements

Inside our buildings we use traditional materials such as terracotta for the tiles and the columns. We also choose the motif of the flowers and lotus design for the columns. The use of the gold and silver prada motifs act as a direct homage to the culture of Bali. Much of the design and particularly the interior design and interior lighting has been created by world-renowned designers, De Lighting.

In various areas we have incorporated recycled materials particularly into the landscape sympathetically designed by Bali Landscape Company. The trees are pure Bali: all of the ancient Frangipani trees painstakingly sought from remote areas of Bali are all the original Balinese frangipani with only white flowers. Our bougainvilleas only have purple and white flowers, the colours of the logo and uniform of Kamaya. Special rocks found at the base of Agung mountain  are placed strategically throughout Kamaya and are placed together with crystals embedded into the earth.

One of the most well loved parts of Kamaya is the ancient looking pathway hugging the cliffside from the Bride’s preparation to the chapel. this pathway is  journey in itself is known as the ‘pilgrim walkway’ , reminiscent of one of the ancient mountain trails of Spain or Portugal. The place is in harmony with nature and is a nurturing journey for the bride and groom as they embark upon their new life journey together.

The design and construction of Kamaya took over five years and this was its own journey and now with the right partners it is time for Kamaya to shine.

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