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Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding: Important Points to Consider

It’s so exciting that you’re engaged to be married, so now you have some very important decisions to make. Considering the high demand, choosing the perfect wedding venue for your special day should be on the top of the list. Not only that, the venue will play a significant role in influencing your budget, your vendors, your wedding theme, and perhaps even the clothes you wear. Once you’ve chosen your dream wedding venue, then the rest of your decisions should not be too difficult.

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

For some couples, choosing the perfect wedding venue is very easy. They see a venue, and they love it. It’s just perfect! They can see themselves there on their wedding day and it just feels right. And like most brides who recognize the perfect wedding dress the moment they set eyes on it, some couples can already visualize how this beautiful venue will work in with their special day – they know how both the exterior and interior will look and how it will perfectly match their wedding theme.

However, your wedding venue must also be practical, so before you make a final decision let’s look at some of the important criteria you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding venue.

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Consider the Capacity of Your Wedding Venue

First, decide whether you’re having a large wedding or an intimate gathering. It’s very important that the size of your wedding venue fits in nicely with the number of invited wedding guests; keeping in mind also that the size of the venue will impact on your budget. Check if your preferable venue offers smaller areas to fit your party. Wedding venues in Bali usually have a few nice options that can be your perfect choice in term of size and theme.

So, start planning your upcoming wedding by drawing up a guest list, which doesn’t necessarily have to be your final guest list, but one that will give you a rough idea of the size venue you should be looking at. It’s likely that your guest list will grow as your wedding gets closer, so don’t underestimate how many people you may end up inviting.

We strongly advise that you view venue before D day. In the case of overseas wedding, a few videos will be handy. A venue should have at least a couple of videos to show you, this also indicate their level of professionalism.

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Have You Chosen Your Wedding Theme?

Another decision you need to make is your wedding theme, because the venue you choose will need to be compatible with your wedding theme. Would you prefer a more formal theme, or perhaps a more relaxed and casual theme? Will this venue complement and enhance the ascetics of your wedding? Are you contemplating a glamorous wedding or maybe a simple and intimate wedding right at the front of the ocean on a tropical island? Do you both love the outdoors, in which case a beautiful garden marquee would look simply amazing.

The idea is to consider what type of venue would suit both of your personalities, your hobbies, your passions, and your dream wedding. Well built venues like Kamaya Bali offer multiple areas with different points of interest, discuss in details with consultants from each venue, on how exactly you want the wedding day to be.

Lighting Is Important for Your Wedding Photography

Good lighting is very vitally important for your wedding photography, so decide whether your photographer will be working outside, or inside in a well-lit area. Your wedding photographs will provide a lifetime of memories of your special day, so you don’t want them ruined by a poorly-lit wedding venue. When visiting potential wedding venues, ask to see photography locations.

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Does Your Wedding Venue Have Beautiful Grounds?

When attending a wedding it’s always nice for guests to enjoy lovely grounds, gardens, and views. And, of course, the photography opportunities are increased enormously when the photographer and/or videographer have beautiful surroundings to work in. If children will be attending your wedding, these outdoor areas can provide welcome relief for both children and their parents.

If a tropical island like Bali is your choice, venues located on oceanfront cliffs can be a perfect option. You should check out Uluwatu area, where there are world renown surf breaks.