Choose 4 (four) dishes from below:

Dutch Indonesian salted cod crockets with chili mayonnaise
Tuna betel leaves with lemongrass green tomato sambal matah and bumbu be pasih
Chicken betel leaves roasted chili capsicum relish flat leaf coriander lime leaf and crispy shallots
Spicy salmon hand rolls with ginger flowers yam bean shiso leaf and smoked chili mayo
Duck and prawn “ma hor” with compressed watermelon
Steam bun with shredded lamb green shallots shiso leaf and sesame dressing
Tuna tataki with ruby grapefruit ponzu dressing and seaweed
Flame torched Black Angus with miso eggplant dressing sesame soy shimeji mushrooms
Tuna with spiced wakame julienne kombu jelly fish sesame seed green shallots and miso eggplant puree
Hill tribe beef tartar with smoked eggplant “nam prik num” quails egg and crispy rice cakes
Crispy pork belly with tamarillo Sichuan salt and pepper and “nam pla prik”
Peking duck rolls with mandarin pancake
Salmon tartar with Korean chili bean paste cured quails egg watermelon radish and avocado
Duck san choi bow with garlic chive bean sprouts chili bean and lettuce cups
Lamb or vegetable samosa potatoes green peas curry leaf cashew nut
Pork and chive pot sticker chili oil and black vinegar
Pork and prawn siew mai with sriracha
Vietnamese pork la lot wrapped up in betel leaves
Vietnamese sugar cane prawns with “nuoc cham” dressing
Tuna rice paper rolls with lettuce green mango sesame seed and peanuts
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