To enjoy your Special Day in style, we highly recommend you begin your wedding planning process as much as four months beforehand. Our team will help you get through all the decisions that will make it an unforgettable Kamaya Bali occasion.

Frequently asked questions include:

Is a Bali wedding legally recognized?
The wedding packages offered by Kamaya Bali include only the ceremonial blessings or a commitment ceremony. To obtain a legal wedding certificate you must contact the Indonesian government. Its legal requirements are very specific, although once satisfied, the legal formalities are relatively straightforward. Should you decide on a legal Indonesian marriage, as an additional service our Bali-based agent will file all of the necessary documents with the relevant Indonesian authorities. All original copies of legal certificates and religious documentation must be brought with you to Indonesia as proof that you have followed all of the Indonesian legal requirements, before your wedding ceremony can take place. Once the documents are filed with the relevant authorities, your marriage will be legally recognized.

Is there a best time of year to get married?
With all-year round tropical temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius, Bali is your perfect wedding location. However, we do recommend certain times of the day for your special ceremony. Early morning at 9am, or 5pm just before sunset, are both recommended for their slightly cooler and more comfortable temperature level. An afternoon ceremony will have the added luxury of a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. Please take note that the month of May to September is known to be the most favourite months for wedding. Bookings fill up quickly for this period.

What is your wet weather contingency plan?
Should it rain, alternative wet weather venues include our luxurious Kamaya Dining and convertible pavilion.

Which celebrants may conduct our marriage ceremony?
We have various celebrants offering different religious and non-religious ceremonies. Other available options include Commitment, Vows Renewal and Affirmation Ceremonies.

What is the ideal wedding planning period?
To avoid last minute preparations when you should be focusing on your loved one during the special day, we highly recommend at least four months preparation so as to secure your booking, discuss preparations, and organize your special ceremony.

Do we need to hire a Wedding Organizer?
Your personal Wedding Specialist will manage your special day from the time of your initial inquiry. They will recommend a final meeting, ceremony walk-thru and briefing the day before your special day. Supported by an experienced culinary and F&B service team, they will ensure the creation of your dream day.
For more elaborate requirements and specially tailored events outside of Kamaya Bali premises, we highly recommend the hiring of an independent wedding organizer.

How much does a Kamaya Bali wedding cost?
There are a range of options available depending on your budget, number of guests attending, and catering requirements. From Bride & Groom private packages to a lavish sit-down reception, from a venue-only hire to a complete wedding party, we will ensure you are offered the most appropriate package.

Can you recommend accommodation?
We can refer you to the best-suited hotel or villa options that you may contact directly for further details.

Is outside catering permitted?
We offer our own in-house Kamaya Cuisine alternative, which is based upon a fine dining experience. Kamaya Cuisine can also tailor you a more casual dining event. We do not accept any other outside catering options.